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MapForce Enterprise Edition 2007

MapForce Enterprise Edition 2007: Altova MapForce is the premier data integration and Web services tool. Altova MapForce 2007 Enterprise Edition is the premier data integration and Web services implementation tool. It maps between any combination of XML, database, flat file, EDI, and/or Web service, then converts data on-the-fly or auto-generates program code for use in your own data integration or Web services applications. Languages for code generation include: XSLT 1.0/2.0, XQuery, Java, C++, and C#. Give your data direction with MapForce 2007.

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Adeptia Data Integration Software v5.1

data flows but also the more common human-to-system or system-to-human business processes where business users need to interact with running data flows to view information, correct errors and resubmit data if needed. Adeptia Integration Server allows companies to "centrally manage" all their integration interfaces from one, web-based application. All the application touchpoints, database connections, protocols, Web Services, formats and schemas,

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QXchange 2.2.1

QXchange is flexible, easy to use, data integration software. It can quickly and easily transfer data between many standard data formats and applications, including MS Access, Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS SQL Server, My SQL, QuickBooks,, SAP Business One, ODBC and others. It allows simple and clear setup of extraction, transformation and loading instructions to exchange data between different formats.

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BlueSky Integration Studio 8.2: BlueSky Integration Studio - Powerful ETL / Data Integration software
BlueSky Integration Studio 8.2

Integration Studio has objects to connect to just about any data source. We also have custom objects for Oracle and SQL Server that have been optimized for speed. BlueSky Integration Studio can be used to automate data extractions, loads and virtually any transformation needed for Data Warehouses, nightly processing tasks, application integration, Web data updates, or any other task that requires moving data from one source to another. BlueSky Integration

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MapForce Professional Edition 2007: Altova MapForce 2007 Pro is the premier XML/DB/flat file data integration tool.
MapForce Professional Edition 2007

database/flat file data mapping tool for advanced integration projects. This award winning visual data mapper converts data on-the-fly or auto-generates data conversion code in multiple programming languages for royalty-free use in your data integration applications. With the power to map between any combination of XML, databases, and/or flat files, Altova MapForce 2007 Professional Edition is the definitive tool for data integration and information

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Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition 2015sp1: Altova MapForce is a graphical data mapping, integration, and ETL tool.
Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition 2015sp1

data in mapping designs. Support for XBRL enables you to comply with financial reporting mandates. Tight integration with Altova StyleVision lets you render your transformation output in attractive HTML, RTF, Word, or PDF reports. MapForce also integrates seamlessly with leading IDEs Visual Studio and Eclipse. Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, MapForce is indispensable for anyone facing data integration and Web services implementation challenges

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Altova MissionKit for Ent XML Developers 2012: The Altova MissionKit is a suite of leading XML tools, including XMLSpy.
Altova MissionKit for Ent XML Developers 2012

databases, Office 2007+ (OOXML), HTML5, JSON, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and more, plus the unique ability to create eye-catching charts based on XML data. MapForce Enterprise is a graphical data mapping, conversion, and integration tool. It maps between any combo of XML, database, flat file, EDI, Excel 2007+ (OOXML), XBRL, and/or Web service, then converts data instantly or generates royalty-free code. StyleVision Enterprise is a stylesheet and report

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